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Classic Interlude x10 server
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Project Details

A brief summary about what you can expect.

L2 OFF PTS Interlude

We are back with a reworked OFF PTS Interlude project, combined with our signature Substack system.

Classic Client

Improved looks and functions, such as VIP system, Mail system and many others.

Tarantula settings

We have taken the settings of our legendary server, and applied them to the new files.


Our schedule for the upcoming weeks.

  • ...

    2024. February 17.

    Open Beta starts

    We open registration to our open beta server, so you can check out how is our new server going to be

  • ...

    2024 February 28.

    Open Beta closes

    After the open testing period, we close the connection to prepare the server for the Grand Opening!

  • ...

    2024 March 1.

    The Grand Opening

    We open our gates, and our players start their journey in this new world

  • ...

    2024. March 16-17.

    First Sieges

    Castles will be roamed by the clans to help their leader to a throne!

  • ...

    2024. April 1.

    First Heroes

    After the results of the first olympiad period has been calculated, the best players will gain their hero status!